Monday, 21 April 2014

How to increase blog traffic AUTOMATICALLY

In this post I will give a few tips to increase blog traffic automatically. Previously I would explain what the sense of this traffic , so your friends will not wonder what it traffk .

Traffic is the density or blog visitors can mean how many visitors a blog / website .

Trafik itself can be divided into three :

Direct traffic , where potential visitors to type in the address directly to one's blog page ( eg google , the site was mostly using this traffic , the reason why ? ? ? ? Names easy to remember especially Google Google is a well-known search engine )

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Traffic Through Search Engine ( Google , Yahoo , MSN , etc. ) , where prospective visitors do search on Google for example and find the site / blog .

Referral traffic , potential visitors aware of the existence or blog address on another blog site .

Ok , for this time I will give an explanation how to increase blog traffic through a referral site .

Old methods like exchange links with other blogs you surely already know , this is a long way but worth a try , on the other hand is a way that can be used blogwalking ( visit each blog )

On this occasion I will introduce a system that will not bother anymore to blogwalking fro ( but do not be left behind still way blogwalking used rather only)
The first step you go to this site 1MillionFreeHit
Once the homepage is appears , scroll to the bottom to find any pictures like this :

The next step you right click - > Open New Tab thumbnails Above each ranging from 1 to 7 , meaning will be open 7 tabs , or if you want to open one wrote first and then continues to completion .
All you need to record on each display thumbnails is the code ( located top ) , for example, that you open is a sponsor link , then comes the code , copy the code into the box like the one in the picture above right Sponsorship Code , so so .
After all code loaded , then he continued to step 2 , consider the image below :
Complete formnya and click submit .
Then open your e-mail address , to verify it .

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Attendite Vestibulum Donec ANCEPS in corpore, in quod cibus

Et cum audias , plerumque intra packaging materia continetur in cibum . Plerique etiam voces non eget Scientes postulo .

Inter chemicals in cibo corpus usui sunt , non aliqua . Addictive chemicals enim chemica substantiae sunt quaedam de quibus agere ADHD et nociva ad sanitatem periculo cancer .

Nuntiavit , scire quam periculosum chemicals latet in his quae ad victum necessaria .


Saporum dicitur cibum pulmentum cibo piscium et cautela . Et generaliter in canned cibum, et hoc non est satis .

Harvard University ipsum MMX ante deducitur quod cibus packaging quantum nitrate aucta / canned diabetes typus II nocet cordi .


Mercurius continentur posse minis. Nam et dives in nutrimentum quod portatus omega- III pisces maris .

Toxic periculosissima corpori Mercurium maxime gratiam filii et praegnantes multitudo magna , quia habet corpus cumulare .


BPA , vel bisphenol A , communiter invenitur in cibum , canned cibum packaging , vel plastic . Cibis non causam, sed franguntur, magna auctoritas.

Cibum cum calefit, Hormones BPA causa possunt et dimitti arcu.


Arsenicum in terra, aqua, uptake . Solet etiam gessit cibi vel potus, , et cum diu multumque potest cancer consumpsit .

fucatis coloribus oneretur

Plerumque noxia arte colores non sunt pomifera , sed alia res intelligitur , ut pannos . Non ita est multo vilius pretium nonnulli uti cibum fuco .

Periculum diversorum agere in filii hyperactivity ADHD et aliis huiusmodi.

artificialis sweeteners

Fucatis coloribus , sicut artificiales sweeteners continet varia nocet ingredientia ut aspartame , sucralose , saccharin et acesulfame potassium , quae afficiunt salutem .


Vel etiam BHA Butylated hydroxyanisole est ad stabiliendum quod sapor et magis durabile . Aliquam quis quam materia ponatur , pars , quae periculosa et homines ad id quod potest cancer .

Et inde est quod medici monentur , non multa, ut consumat packaged ciborum / canned . Cognitum melius eligere recentes dolor sit amet cibus .

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Care for dry accu battery

Dry batteries or some call MF battery (Maintenance Free Battery) and is also known as Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery (VRLA) was introduced to consumers of Honda in Indonesia when AHMmengeluarkan type CHARISMA and KIRANA, why chosen MF batteries Battery types, in addition to the This battery-spill many advantages compared to conventional batteries.

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What are the advantages of this battery? MF durable and cranking performance is high because it uses a special separator and grid corrosion resistance, high purity, low battery so that the prisoners in the high menghasilkanperformance and lower self-discharge.

In normal conditions (normal vehicle charging system) there is no evaporation because the gas is absorbed arising olehplate negative, if the condition of the charging system is not normal and often happens over charge will be no evaporation and will result in the battery goes bad. In normal conditions the battery lifespan can reach 2-3 years with a record consumption of electricity load is not excessive motorcycle and motorcycle every day wear minimal if not heated, because the battery can drop (Soak) if the motorcycle is not turned on for days (no charging ).
To make a long life battery, any brand should still be supported care and charging (charge) which is good. Either wet or dry battery alias Maintenance Free (MF) which is now widely used in the new motor output. 

Given the price is drained pockets, required special tricks that the battery more durable and baseball cause problems. And the easiest way in order to stun the battery does not come up short, after the motor is turned by the starter motor to absorb the flow of 400-500 watts, well the engine is turned on for about 15 minutes. 

Most importantly, if the starter will not turn on at all, do not try to constantly pressed the starter switch. Removed first to about 5 seconds, then press it again. Give pause 5 seconds so that the battery stable first. When you are living, better get used road, not silenced in place. In that period, which was used to stun back filled. 

In contrast, crank battery is often used for difficult but the motor is turned on or just a moment. Stun available in the battery will be reduced by watts that has been used. There is often done, do not be surprised if the battery fast even be difficult to come up short and start the engine. If so, should immediately discharge not let soak. 

Special dry battery or MF, good discharge use of special tools. For dry battery charging system is very small and stable, amounting to 0.5 amperes. To make full stun battery back, it took 5 to 8 hours depending on the size of the battery. 

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